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Traditional mold enterprises should seize the opportunities of e-commerce
Publisher:Jingsimai     date:2019-09-18

E-commerce channels have developed to today, Tianmao, Jingdong and many other sales platforms, C2C, B2C, C2B and many other online shopping models. However, many mold enterprises' understanding of e-commerce still stays at the stage of opening online stores.

Experts suggest that small mold accessories enterprises, first of all, from Tianmao, Jingdong and other platforms to open their own sales-oriented shops, less investment, quick results, and quickly cultivate their own e-commerce ideas and talent reserves; for medium-sized mold steel enterprises, to the current mainstream B2C in-store and sales distribution-oriented, to establish their own. Enterprise official network or business platform, comprehensive consideration of brand Internet communication and brand influence formation; for large-scale comprehensive mold City Property Management enterprises, can consider the formation of their own electronic commodity industry chain, from the brand communication, enterprise structure, product structure planning, logistics and storage cluster formation and other aspects of the layout. Electronic commerce in the future.

When traditional mold enterprises enter E-commerce, they must also consider the characteristics of brand spread in the Internet, and consider the influence of online sales on offline sales, product mix design and price setting.

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No. 18, BinHe Road, TianXin Village,HuangJiang Town,DongGuan City China

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